Northwest Territories Sports Betting Guide for 2024

With all the talk of sports betting in Ontario, the focus has shifted to other provinces and territories across Canada. For residents of the Northwest Territories, there may be a lack of clarity as to what the current situation is. So, what is going on with sports betting in Northwest Territories?

In this guide, we will take a closer look at Northwest Territories sports betting, which sports betting apps and sites are okay to use, and everything you could hope to know about Northwest Territories betting sites.

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How We Rate the Bookmakers

Before we get into the legality of Northwest Territories sports betting, it helps to know how we determine what makes for a good sportsbook. Here are five specific criteria we use to determine a reputable sportsbook.


Players must feel safe when playing with Canadian betting sites. The best sportsbooks in the land are the ones that have the latest in SSL encryption technology, keeping player data safe. More importantly, the top sportsbooks tend to have licensing from some country or entity around the world.


Reputation matters when choosing between the various sportsbooks available. The best of the best are well-known and usually have a lot written about them online. If you can’t find anything out about the sportsbook you are considering, it may be time to choose another option.

Customer support 

When something does go wrong, you need to know that you are in good hands. The best sportsbooks have great customer support, ensuring that users can get their problems resolved in short order. Having a 24/7 chat feature is a must to be a top sportsbook.


Bonuses are the single biggest difference between sportsbooks and often the reason that a bettor will sign up. Consider the various bonuses being offered before you make your choice because they can get you started off on the right foot.

Betting options

At the end of the day, Northwest Territories betting is all about the variety of betting options. The more choices you have, the more chances you have to win. More importantly, you will never get bored of placing wagers when there are tons of options.

Betting in Northwest Territories

What is the situation with betting in Northwest Territories? It is important to know what the legal situation is with sports betting in Northwest Territories. Is it legal to use Northwest Territories betting sites? Read on to find out more about the legality of Northwest Territories sports betting, who can place bets, and what offshore sportsbooks are.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Northwest Territories?

So, is sports betting legal in Northwest Territories? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Sports betting has been legal for some time in Canada and that is no different in the Northwest Territories.

Placing lottery or parlay wagers has been the standard, requiring bettors to have at least three legs in a bet to qualify. However, hanks to Bill C-218, single-game sports betting has been legalized across Canada, including in the Northwest Territories.

Bettors can use offshore betting sites or use the Sport Select platform run by the government, though there are caveats that will be covered below. Sports betting is perfectly legal in Northwest Territories, but it might not be as easy to partake in as it would be in other provinces or territories across Canada like Ontario.

Who Can Bet on Sports in Northwest Territories? 

Despite the fact that sports betting is legal in Northwest Territories, there are some rules and limitations in place. For starters, anyone placing a sports bet in the North must be at least 18 years old. Underage sports betting is illegal and should not be participated in for those who cannot meet the standard.

Secondly, bets are restricted to each territory or province unless using an offshore book (more below). For instance, using Sport Select or Pro-Line would require being physically located in the state in order to make a moneyline, point spread, or over/under wager.

Offshore Sportsbooks in Northwest Territories?

There is an option when it comes to Northwest Territories betting sites that is separate from Sport Select. Offshore betting sites are those betting websites that have licensing in other countries. The most common licenses are issued by Morrocco, the United Kingdom, Curacao, and others.

Offshore betting sites are perfectly legal to use when it comes to Northwest Territories sports betting. Though there is no official legislation as it pertains to offshore betting sites specifically, one has to imagine that being licensed elsewhere makes them acceptable in the eyes of Northwest Territories authorities.

How to Start Betting in Northwest Territories

If you’re ready to get involved in Northwest Territories sports betting, then you need to know where to begin. There are a few simple steps that everyone needs to adhere to in order to get started, but it should take no more than a few minutes to get going.

Choosing from among the various sportsbooks is the first step. After that, you will need to log into your sportsbook account and peruse the various betting markets. When you make a selection, it will populate in the bet slip. Adjust your wager or use a bonus bet and you’re ready to go.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Northwest Territories

As is the case with any other province or territory, there are a few sports that citizens of Northwest Territories like following more than others. Here are the most popular sports to watch for those in Northwest Territories.


No matter where in Canada you look, the most popular sport is going to be hockey. The National Hockey League features two of the most famous teams in the sport, the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. There is also major junior hockey throughout the country with three separate leagues falling under the CHL banner.

American Football 

As popular as the NFL is in America, it may come as a surprise that it is gaining popularity across Canada. While the Canadian Football League is still quite popular, the NFL is gaining steam, especially in the Northwest Territories.


The sport of basketball has really taken a leap forward over the last five years. A major part of that is the fact that the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship in 2019, the first for a Canadian team. Since then, basketball has remained a fixture across Canada.

Most Popular Betting Markets 

When talking about Northwest Territories sportsbooks, you won’t go far without considering the various sports betting markets. These involve both leagues and bet types, the latter of which we will go over in the space below.

Money Line 

The money line bet is as simple as it gets. Pick which team will win and your bet is ready to go. There’s nothing confusing about points or spreads. That said, odds can vary heavily depending on the game and sport, sometimes making it less than worthwhile to place a money line bet because the return just isn’t there.

Point Spread 

The spread is the great odds equalizer. The spread tells a bettor how much a team must win or lose by in order to cover the spread. So, if the 49ers are 7-point favourites against the Cowboys, that means the 49ers must win by more than 7 to cover while the Cowboys need to lose by less than 7 or win outright. Odds for these bets are close to “even money”, typically -110.


 Another popular bet type is the over/under. The sportsbook will set a points total for the game, and you must bet whether the two teams will score more (over) or less (under) than that total. It provides a simple way to bet and makes rooting interests far simpler, especially if you love points.

Other Bets 

Sports betting is the allure but there are other things to wager on. Depending on the sportsbook, you may find esports betting, as well as wagers on things like politics and entertainment awards shows happening in the United States and Canada.

Popular Teams

Because of the modest size (roughly 45,000 population), there aren’t any professional or major amateur sports teams that have serious recognition. That said, there are two sports that are quite popular and have spawned a few minor amateur leagues.


Soccer is considered an international sport, so it should come as no surprise that it is popular in the sparsely populated Northwest Territories. Soccer clubs about, there are organizations from youth to adult levels.


Curling is surprisingly one of the more popular sports to play in Canada. In Northwest Territories, it makes for a perfect sport to play given the climate of the territory.

Other Types of gambling 

Sports betting is not the only form of gambling. Online casinos are quite popular as well. With games like slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and video poker, players can gain the full casino experience without having to leave home. Many casinos, though not all, also feature online poker where players can play against one another for cash and prizes.

How to Play Responsibly in Northwest Territories

It is critical to play responsibly. Betting is meant to be fun and letting things get out of control can definitely take away from that fun. Sportsbooks offer self-limiting tools so that players can limit how much they lose, how much they bet, and even stop playing altogether if necessary.

Sportsbooks to Avoid

There are plenty of reputable sportsbooks out there to choose from. The only ones you really need to watch out for are those that have no licensing. Having a license guarantees safe and fair play, which is critical when using an online sportsbook.

Territorial Betting Guide

Single-game sports betting is legal across Canada because of Bill C-218. Ontario, however, has a full regulatory body that allows private vendors to acquire a license to operate within the province. In places like Northwest Territories, sports betting can only be done through recognized entities like Sport Select or through offshore sportsbooks.

Licensed site vs. Unlicensed site

There are two types of sports betting sites that you need to worry about. Licensed sportsbooks are regulated by some type of governing body. For offshore sportsbooks, a license comes from places like the United Kingdom, Curacao, Morocco, and other countries. The most important thing to remember is that licensed sites promote fair and safe play.

Unlicensed sites, however, can be quite dangerous. There is no regulation involved whatsoever, which means that they can take advantage of players with little to no repercussions. Stay far away from unlicensed sites because there is nothing there that guarantees safe and fair sports betting.

Northwest Territories Regulated Sportsbook

The only officially recognized sportsbook in Northwest Territories is Sport Select. There is a caveat, however. Players can make choices online but must visit a physical location in order to complete the ticket purchase. As of now, there are no officially recognized online sportsbooks for the territory.


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